Seva Wellness offers three options for health support

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This package covers 3 appointments* that are catered to those who have specific dietary needs, specific health conditions/concerns such as diabetes, thyroid issues etc, or are healthy and looking for additional support to stay healthy . Learn the basics and receive a comprehensive analysis of your diet and lifestyle with recommendations and support that cater to both your nutrition and lifestyle needs. *Appointments must be scheduled within a 2 month time period. 

Package includes:

  • Initial 1 1/2 hour Consultation• Comprehensive evaluation of your past and current diet and lifestyle trends
  • Detailed Evaluation for other areas in your life that may be harmful to your health• Explore the root cause to your health challenges from the inside out in mind, body and spirit.
  • Discussion for short and long term goals
  • Personalized recommendations for lifestyle adjustments
  • Explore the root cause to your basic health challenges from the inside out in mind, body and spirit.

Total Diet & Lifestyle Makeover

This option is for those who have tried everything and are just fed up and need someone to come take over and tell them how to make changes that last.  I will travel to your home (Within a 50 mile radius of my home*) and spend a week with you observing, teaching and supporting you through this health challenge. 

*Anywhere over a 50 mile radius will require extra fees for travel and lodging.


Hypnotherapy Services

Looking to make changes to a habit or belief that no longer serves you.  Let me help! Hypnosis is a safe, natural state that allows you to bypass all the monkey mind chatter that can happen.  Focus on one thing you want changed and that one change will ripple into other areas of your life.  Click here to learn more about Hypnosis and see if it's right for you.