It is with selfless service that I help my clients feel, look and be a better version of themselves. At Seva Wellness, we know good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body, mind and spirit. We also know not everyone has the time or resources to design the ideal diet for their age, size, and activity level – let alone their unique personal history and the demands of today’s life-style and tomorrow’s needs.

That’s where Seva Wellness comes in. Our founder, health counselor and nutritional consultant Romny French has seen first hand what poor nutrition can do to a body, as well as what an intelligent nutrition plan can do to heal it. Through her experiences, Romny has developed a passion for helping others find their way back to the joys of a healthy, active life.  Romny follows the guidelines and perspective of Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old Diet & Lifestyle perspective with some Western elements.

We specialize in:
• Stress reduction
• Insomnia
• Support for families and caretakers of the chronic and terminally ill
• digestion issues

Romny believes that simple changes are the most effective, because they lead to greater, more permanent changes over time. Using a holistic approach, she advises gentle transitions into healthy eating and lifestyle choices, and works with each client over time for the greatest chance of success.

“Because everyone is different, not all diets work the same,” Romny says. “At Seva Wellness, we weave 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic principles with modern nutrition theory to produce a new perspective on healthful eating. This allows us to design nutrition plans specifically tailored to each person’s body, lifestyle, and needs.”

Whether you are simply looking for new ideas in healthy eating or want to incorporate the wisdom of nutritional support to help with a challenge to your health, Seva Wellness was created to serve you. Romny established her practice to cater to young adults, seniors, and all the stages of life between them. She provides a safe, non-judgmental environment designed to inspire, motivate and educate those who are ready to find peace and bring their whole selves back to balance through nutrition and lifestyle changes.