Sleeping Beauty

I’m currently reading "Lights Out" by T.S. Wiley (not to be confused with Ted Koppel's book with the same title) . It’s a different perspective on how we as a society don’t follow nature's rhythm and guidelines of when the sun goes down. Due to high-pressure jobs, demanding family life and the fact we all have to have instant gratification, we’ve lost touch with the basics on how to have a restful sleep and a peaceful life and a balanced body. We tend to stay up late into the night due to artificial lighting and it messes with our circadian rhythm and for some may increase carbohydrate intake which in turn increases our old nemesis….sugar. Think about it, when you are out with friends where do you go after a wild night of clubbing or partying afterward? You go get pancakes or some other carb-filled snack….or maybe you don’t. What’s so damn important that it not be messed with!? From what I’m reading it plays a part in all of our body functions from cellular regeneration to hormones to insulin and all of these impact weight loss, memory, fatigue even reproducing (who knew!?) and much more. If you can get past the writing that could be cleaned up and the conspiracy theories, you’ll find this a valuable and educational read or it might end up keeping your dining room table level. Anyway, some of us end up not going to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning simply because we are too wired to go to sleep. Having a regular sleep pattern is beneficial because it trains your body and mind to relax and give it the much-needed break. But what do you do when you are following this sage old advice and you go to bed at 9 or 9:30 but find you are tossing and turning and can’t actually get to sleep until much later? Some of us end up reading or working while others who may have TV’s or computers in their bedroom catch up on the latest T.V. shows. I get the anxiety and tossing and turning of not being able to go to sleep that some people, myself on occasion, feel. I also get that working or playing Candy Crush can help pass the time until you CAN fall asleep but does that really help you with the end result of obtaining a good, peaceful and restful nights sleep?

I was an insomniac for 10 years. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how I functioned because frankly, I was just like the zombies in that one zombie show, you know the one. What I do know is that every Saturday, like clockwork, I would have stress-related migraines. My theory is that throughout the week I had such poor sleep habits and such high stress that I just existed throughout the week and when the weekend came,  my body I was able to relax and have my own schedule but my brain had other plans. It was so wound up from lack of sleep that it freaked out and caused migraines due to the fact that now I could get the sleep I so desperately needed. It’s like it shorted itself. That’s my theory anyway.

So what have I tried? ⁃ Oil on the bottom of my feet and earlobes. It really does work! The massaging of the feet with warm sesame or coconut oil is calming and it feels oh so good.

⁃ Having a notebook by my bed. Look, I realize that I can’t do anything about things when it’s dead of night and nothing is open. If I write it down, I find it’s out of my brain at least and I can deal with it the next day.

⁃ Yes, the old Melatonin. What I’m learning from "Lights Out" is if we had enough natural Melatonin, we wouldn’t need to supplement.

⁃ For the migraines, I took Feverfew for a year and they went away. I haven’t had one since.

There're other ways to try to get better sleep what are some ways that you’ve tried and have they worked?