What were you expecting?

There are different levels of expectations. Level 1: Knowing and having full confidence in people or plans that everything will work out.

Level 2: Those same dependable people or plans have a one of incident that truly derails them or you from the task at hand

Level 3: There's something in the air and no matter how many plans and or exceptions made nothing goes as planned

Level 4: In one word: Flakiness.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

It's human nature to have expectations of how things should be and how people should act but what we forget is that those expectations may not be reality and we end up feeling deflated, defeated and dissapointed when those expectations don't measure up.

I know for myself, and maybe you do this too, I have to remind myself that even if things don't go as planned, it's not the end of the world.  John Lennon was quoted as saying:

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”

There's debate on whether or not he is the originator of the quote but if you ask most people he is where they heard if from.

What we need to remind ourselves is that jumping into everything we do with no expectations at all is just as healthy.  It would be nice if things went our way and according to plan but life, for the most part, doesn't happen that way.  Minds get changed and issues come up but and here's the key, when it happens every once in a while (level 1 or 2), the important thing is to not take it personally.  I know, it's hard!  But I've decided that when things don't go as planned, those plans weren't the right thing for me to do, say, or be and those plans were just clearing space for those things that are the right thing.  When disappointment becomes chronic (level 3 & 4), that's when you need to re-evaluate those who you depend on or situations that you seem to always get yourself into.  What is it that needs to happen for those issues to stop interfering with your ultimate goals?

For example, when I first started out on my new career, I worked hard to get the top notch education, did all of the requirements and was within the top in my classes.  I went over and beyond to get the proper training so I could give the level of support to my clients that I was requiring them to pay for.  Professional office? check, website? check, advertisements? check, attended Networking events? check.  What happened?  Zilch, zip, nada. What did I learn?  Not all health and lifestyle consultants are meant to work in the traditional manner that we are taught.  Doing 1:1 sessions were fine but it didn't fuel me, most importantly, it wasn't financially sound.  Redirecting my desire to help those who are seeking additional nutritional support to a platform that allows me to reach more people through electronic means, work on my writing and allows me the opportunity to go to new places seemed a lot more in sync with how I wanted to run a business.

So how do you go through life when all you feel is nothing but disappointment in people, events or ideas that don't follow through, come to fruition or even get canceled?

Enter Plan B.  It's wise to have a plan B, C or even D for that matter should things go astray.  When you have a backup plan and things don't go as originally planned you are mentally, emotionally and energetically prepared to move onto something that would work.  So it's not like you are being left holding the bag.  No, it still doesn't feel very good but it's a lot less painful when you know your next steps even before your first steps are derailed.