Are you aware of just how amazing and transformational our bodies, minds, and souls are?  I've been embarking on a very personal journey not only to share my successes and failures but my hope is that you, my dear readers, grow to understand just how much of an amazing powerful dynamic life we have.  With the exception of those serious cases, it is sad that it has become the norm to have to be tied to synthetic prescriptions or have a disease.  For example, Western doctors are quick to dole out the antidepressant prescriptions without a lengthy examination or exploration of other avenues. I'm not discounting the disease, depression is real.  I know this.  I also know that the only ticket for entry of a prescription needed was to be asked one or two generic questions, the doctor never once looked me in the eye and slapped a prescription down faster than I could put my shoes back on.  The only thing missed was the doctor proclaiming "NEXT PATIENT!"

We have the power to change things about ourselves that we do not like and not just for vanity's sake but for the sake of our sanity.  Going through life feeling judged, put down, harassed and belittled by those who have yet to be granted the honor and blessings to learn what it truly means to be a human BEING is not a life, it's settling.   There is a teacher in all of us.  Some show us our misguided behavior while others teach us patience and unconditional love. We fill ourselves with illusions of grandeur wanting to need having and yet ultimately wanting to need and having more only to never find ourselves satiated when in fact what we really need we had, to begin with, we just didn't see it.

Fully acknowledging the challenges and imperfections of others and frankly not really caring if they have one arm or no legs or can't see, speak or hear can lead to a life of fulfillment simply by honoring and appreciating and recognizing that I am that.  Like increases like and when we feel passionate about something or someone we recognize parts of them that we have in ourselves. It's when we recognize those parts then all other imperfections become a nonissue and vise verse.  When we see something in people that we can't stand it's more likely than not that we too have those same attributes that we don't like about ourselves.

We set ourselves up for failure doing the same things over and over only to expect a different result.  It's not until we realize that we need to find a different way of doing things will the result be different.  We worry about what other people are thinking or saying about us when in fact, who cares!?  As long as you live, eat and breathe YOUR truth no one can make you feel less than what you are.

As a chameleon changes the color of its skin depending on the environment they are in; we can change our attitudes about ourselves, others and our circumstances.  It doesn't happen like some supernatural snap of the fingers or wiggle of the nose. It takes time, patience and most of all the wanting to change.  For me, settling isn't an option.