On Being Human

There’s always that one moment where two people connect.  Not just for a superficial reason but for a deep, spiritual, emotional, understanding that they connect.  No words need to be exchanged; it could be a glance, a stance, or just an unspoken knowing.  This is a gift that doesn’t come around very often and when it does, it should be embraced and not taken for granted. For me, this experience happened when I went to pick up the ashes of my six-month-old kitten, Twist.   While standing at the counter, I overheard the lady next to me tell the receptionist that she too was there to pick up her recently departed pet.  When I walked out of the vet, she followed suit.  The woman was parked right next to me and in that one moment, we looked at each other and we both had a glance of understanding.  Our beloved pets were reduced to ashes in a box and sitting in the front seat.  I got out of my car and went around to her car and we both just hugged each other and had a little cry.

It was a beautiful rationalization of human perceptive and compassion.  In that one moment, we didn’t need to explain ourselves, we were strangers, and yet we were feeling, thinking, and acting on the same thing.  Two strangers for just that one split second in our lives knew that instinctively, just a hug was all we needed at that time.

Sure we both went home and buried our sorrow but after picking up our pets, the wound was just as fresh as the instant the doctor said: “I’m sorry”.  That one moment was so surreal that it will forever be reminded that human compassion is the most underappreciated and misunderstood emotion.  It also taught me to follow my heart, when it’s obvious that someone is in pain, all they need is a hug, kind word, or just someone to stop and listen to what they have to say.  We are all so busy in our own little lives that our blinders have been infused to our heads and recognizing someone’s pain and need for human compassion is often ignored.