What is Hypnotherapy?

Most of us, at some point in the day, have experienced light hypnosis while doing your daily chores, activities or reading a book usually defined as “being on auto pilot”. Guided by myself you are safely and gently led into a state of deep relaxation that will allow you to focus on key issues that are blocking you from moving forward with your life.

What is the difference between Hypnosis and Meditation?

Hypnosis and Meditation are very similar in that they both provide outlets to find complete relaxation, they are both a natural state of being that allows the practicing person to focus on one thing, they both use similar methods to get to a state of complete relaxation but that’s where the similarities stop.  Hypnosis is mainly used to treat and correct behavioral patterns, thoughts or beliefs that are no longer benefitting you.  It is used as a tool to focus on one aspect about yourself you want to change (smoking, weight, better at a particular sport…) whereasmeditation is simply a way to focus and quiet the mind and body. For a more comprehensive explanation, this is a great article that outlines the differences.

Will Hypnosis work for me?

Hypnosis works for most people. You have to want to make the changes in order to reap the rewards. As a trained Hypnotherapist I use relaxation techniques, guided imagery and the power of suggestion to help you enter a hypnotic state where you are relaxed and more receptive to new information and positive suggestions to support your desire to release old habits, thoughts, feelings or beliefs. You will remain awake and in control throughout the session.

How do sessions work?

The initial consultation is one hour. It will consist of getting to know you and your goals and discussing how hypnosis can help. I am in good standing with A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners) follow the guidelines set forth by the organization. ACHE Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

My hypnotherapy services include but are not limited to:

Stress Reduction
Weight Goals (lose or gain)
Smoking Cessation
Pain Management
Self Esteem/Confidence
Public Speaking