Here are some things that people who have benefited from my services have said:

Ms. French is a friendly and enthusiastic coach. She has helped me learn more about foods I eat and what and when I should be making healthy choices. I am looking forward to my hypnosis session with Ms. French in the coming months and learning more about meditation.

-Danielle, Mountain House, CA

Romny French is a beautifully dedicated professional.  She leads by example, inspiring her clients, family and friends.  She has inspired me to work daily toward whole health, which has dramatically improved my quality of life in all areas.  I am grateful for the knowledge and support she continues to provide.

-Patricia , San Jose, CA

“Romny has figured out how to advise me in a way that I actually pay attention to…I’m constantly learning from her, and it’s all information I can use and understand.”

-Bronwyn, Alameda

"Romny is relatable and easy to understand. I recommend Romny for self-inquiry and self-healing."

-April, Alameda

“This workshop [Sugar Hackers] helped me understand my sugar addiction with visual representations I could connect with. Ideas for substitutions were presented in a practical demonstration that resulted in a yummy taste test and showed me how easy it is to switch to healthier alternatives.”

- Pat, Alameda